Saudi to waive expat fees for industrial companies

Saudi Arabia will waive expat fees for those working in industrial companies for a period of five years starting from October 2019.

Since 2018, businesses have been required to pay fees for foreign workers as part of the government strategy to diversify non-oil revenue and encourage companies to hire Saudi nationals. The levies contributed to an exodus of expats as many companies couldn’t cope with the expat fees which came into effect at the same time as value-added tax.

In response, King Salman approved a $3.1bn plan in February to ease the levies on companies and help revive economic growth. Additionally, the cabinet on Tuesday announced that they would temporarily waive expat fees for licensed industrial companies.

There are two types of fees on foreign workers in the Kingdom, the announcement made on Tuesday covers the fees paid by the business, not to the fees that foreign residents must pay on behalf of their dependents.