Compliance: Tourist visa vs Business visa

Compliance is an important part of business in Saudi Arabia; from company set up to payroll to visas. When businesses move or individuals visit the Kingdom, there are legal requirements that must be followed when acquiring a visa. Visa compliance encompasses choosing the right visa for your purpose of visit, ensuring you follow the restrictions on your visa during your visit, making sure your duration of stay and number of entries into the Kingdom are according to your issued visa.

With the Kingdom soon releasing the tourist e-visa, there will be more opportunity to visit the Kingdom. The tourist e-visa is a new addition to the list of available visas and a new chapter for the Kingdom as they expand their economy and aim to improve the tourism sector. The tourist e-visa will be open to a select number of countries and more in the future and will allow tourists to enter the country and experience the rich Saudi history and culture.

This visa, however, is distinctly different from the business and commercial visit visas available for those visiting the Kingdom for business or professional reasons.

The business visit visa allows individuals to visit for a specific amount of time and work on site during their visit. However, this is only for a temporary work visit, for example for a short term project. The commercial visit visa allows individuals to visit for professional purposes such as business meetings, negotiations or a conference.

Each visa has a specific purpose and remaining compliant means you will be able to operate in the Kingdom without any issues, and helps maintain positive relationships with government ministries and chambers.

To ensure you are compliant during your visit to the Kingdom, do your due diligence when acquiring your visit. Make sure when you are applying for your visa you select the correct visa for your reason to visit. If you are using a visa agent, check they are a legitimate service who can process the correct visa for you. Apply for the visa with the number of entries and duration of stay that you need to avoid any overstay issues. If you are unsure of what kind of visa you need, check with your visa agent or the Saudi embassy or consulate before your visit.

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