Saudi offers Jeddah festival visitors e-visas in ‘three-minutes’

By June 16, 2019News

Saudi Arabia will offer e-visas to visitors who buy tickets online for the 41-day ‘Sea and Culture’ festival being held in Jeddah. The e-visas will be available in as little as three minutes. Once a visitor has purchased a ticket, they can acquire an e-visa by logging on to the Sharek e-visa website and follow the instructions.

The festival is expected to attract almost four million visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom. Thus, making it easy to obtain an entry visa will encourage more tourists to visit the Kingdom; as increasing tourism is one of the Vision 2030 objectives.

As a part of the Vision 2030, the government aims to attract 1.5 million tourists by 2020 and increase revenue generated from tourism to 18 percent in the next 14 years. To achieve this, the government introduced tourist visas in 2017 and started building tourism developments such as the Red Sea Project, and NEOM.

The festival will also provide 20,000 seasonal jobs and volunteering opportunities.