How can you instantly respond to every consumer demand?

Today’s market is fast paced and consumer driven; customers have more power than ever in the purchasing process and are well informed before moving forward to buy. Building relationships is one the best ways to increase customer loyalty and sales, however, with customers driving the market through online reviews, blogging and social media, how can companies keep up with customer demands?

One way is to ensure that customers have easy access to your customer management teams. It’s important for customers to have a point of contact if they are unsatisfied with their customer experience to be able to fix the issue rather than resorting to venting online about their negative experience.This is why many companies lean towards using contact centres to manage large scale customer queries, to ensure that consumer concerns are addressed quickly and amicably.

Contact centres, are common for larger companies with many customers trying to get a hold of them to express concerns, complaints, and criticisms. Contact centres, not to be confused with call centres, cover VoiP, email, texts, and online chat services. With the ability to outsource contact centre services, they are now accessible to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Outsourcing is a more feasible option for SMEs as it’s more affordable than creating an inhouse contact centre. Customers expect to be able to get in contact with a company on many platforms and be provided a high quality of service.

Often customers have queries of how to use the product, warranty, exchange or refund policy, or troubleshooting. Outsourcing contact centre requirements means customers can continue to have a positive consumer experience even after purchasing a product.

Outsourcing a contact centre, can offer customers round the clock support, especially if a company has a international customer base, and is able to offer better service during peak hours benefiting both customers and a companies perceived image.

Companies benefit from improved brand image if they appear to have professional customer service. This is especially useful for smaller companies who want to achieve a high service level with limited resources. Contact centres can also help improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns as contact centre operatives can introduce new or supporting products to the customer and even upsell or cross-sell where appropriate. Additionally, contact centres can collect better data and analytics to improve the contact centre’s service quality, products and marketing the company uses.

Consumers are now able to influence each other greatly through word of mouth, social media and online reviews. To manage this effectively, companies need to be in touch with and engaged with their consumers. Using a contact centre greatly improves the relationship that a company has with customers, which can in turn improve customer loyalty and increase positive reviews of the company.

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