Why GRO is essential for businesses in Saudi Arabia

Why GRO is essential for businesses in Saudi ArabiaGovernment processes are a core part of doing business in Saudi Arabia and they can be complex. With the right support you can operate compliantly, however, if your government relations processes are not managed diligently, this can cause problems for your business. Government relations officers (GRO) provide a broad range of services company set up, setting up a PO box, block visas, iqamas, license and permit renewals and more. Because of the broad range of processes, many companies in the Kingdom choose to have a GRO manage this rather than using internal resources.

What is a GRO?

A GRO is a Saudi national who manages the government relation processes. They oversee entire processes from document collection, applications, attestation, translation, setting up business accounts on government sites and visiting government offices. Your GRO must read and write Arabic and English, have a valid KSA driving license and extensive knowledge of the Saudi labour law. Having a GRO will help you avoid delays and errors throughout the process and stay updated with new laws and regulations that may affect your organization.

GRO role

If, for example, you require a GRO to acquire a visa for your colleague in the US head office who’s visiting the Saudi office, your GRO will manage the following:

  • Obtain the correct visa by checking the purpose of your travel
  • Assist you in obtaining an LOI
  • Ensure you are eligible to travel and that you have the visa requirements
  • Assist you in collecting the required documents, attestation if necessary and acquiring any supporting documents
  • Apply for the visa on your behalf
  • Provide visa monitoring services until the process is complete

Why GRO is essential for your business

Remaining compliant in Saudi Arabia is an essential part of doing business in the Kingdom, not only does high levels of compliance reap benefits from the government such as having a platinum Nitaqat rating, it also reduces potential legal risks. A GRO understands the Saudi market and the requirements for compliance depending on your industry, its’ regulations and your company type. They will ensure you are able to attain the licenses, permits or visas you require to remain compliant. Your GRO will also manage timelines to ensure license or visa renewals are done in a timely manner and avoid penalties.

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As mentioned, a GRO will help minimize legal risks as errors in the administration of government processes are often caused when using inexperienced inhouse staff and can result in penalties or delays. Using a GRO will keep your inhouse staff focused on their competencies and reduce legal risks for your business by ensuring processes are completed correctly.

As the Saudi market continues to evolve and new reforms are implemented, the constant change can be challenging on company operations and without proper support to adapt, companies will face issues. GROs are up to date with Saudi regulations and laws, allowing them to respond faster and help businesses adapt and avoid confusion. Your company will be held up to standard in the Saudi market by your GRO to ensure you can continue operating as a trustworthy organization in the Kingdom.

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