Saudi Entertainment Ventures’ complexes to include virtual reality

By April 18, 2019News

Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN) plans to include virtual reality and live performance centres across their 20 planned entertainment complexes throughout the Kingdom, according to CEO Bill Ernest.

SEVEN was launched by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) in January 2017. The 100,000 square metre entertainment complex in Riyadh is expected to serve more than 50 million visitors each year, provide 22,000 direct jobs and contribute SAR 8 billion ($2.13 billion) to the Saudi economy by 2030.

The complex will be a space for families to come together, each location will have a cinema and family-specific entertainment. There will also be performing centres and stages for live shows and virtual reality products. Additionally, the first round of projects will have specialty sports, aquatic facilities, retail and dining areas. Although, all locations will have the same components throughout, there will be differences as they will be built within communities and populated areas.

The timeline for the project hasn’t been confirmed but will be defined throughout the first six months of construction.