Does your shared services drive competitive advantage?

The shared services model for delivering corporate support through consolidating services is an expanding industry. The model has become increasingly popular since the mid 1990s as companies searched for ways to combine corporate scale with premium service quality at a feasible price and standard of quality.

Today, shared services are powered by technology to deliver more efficient, standardised and automated operational processes which allows companies to do more with less. Beyond the standard advantages received from shared services – cost reduction, economies of scale, increased efficiency, better processes and higher flexibility – how can shared services drive competitive advantage in your company?


Shared services can help companies respond to market variables faster and agility is a key component of competitive advantage. Agility in the Saudi market, which is still relatively young and often changing, allows companies to remain compliant while adjusting quickly to market changes. Remaining competitive in the long term means companies must be able to sustain themselves in an ever changing market and shared services allows companies to do this through a flexible operating model which improves the enterprise’s overall responsiveness.

Expand product offering

Expanding your existing product offerings in a market you’re experienced in is key to positioning your business more competitively. The ability to increase your service scope requires efficient back-office support. The shared services model allows companies to concentrate on their main business functions with increased operational efficiency while the SSC focuses on their own expertise. This is beneficial for companies operating in the Kingdom as back office operations for HR, recruitment and payroll, for example, all have complex systems with specific regulations that must be adhered to. Utilizing a SSC to manage the processes reduces the amount of time and resources spent on these tasks and allows you to produce more value to your clients.

Centre of excellence

Your SSC can become a centre of excellence which supplies your organization with value-added services to create a sustainable competitive advantage. In this model, shared service executives support senior executives in the decision making process to assist in responding rapidly to market changes and client demands. Having this point of reference for when there are regulatory changes or client concerns is beneficial to businesses as they navigate the Saudi market. The changes can often leave organization confused or lost on what’s required internally. With a centre of excellence, the organizations can manage the updates efficiently and effectively.

Shared services benefits go far beyond surface level and companies have seen immense growth and scale in their businesses and even international expansion through the use of it. For companies that want to upgrade their business in Saudi and gain a competitive advantage in their industry, shared services is highly customizable depending on your requirements and industry.

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