Proven SA used as success study case using Harvard case method

By March 20, 2019News

Proven SA has been featured as a success Harvard approach case study at the Lebanese American University, Adnan Kassar School of Business (AKSOB). Dr. Zahy Ramadan, assistant professor of marketing, ran an interactive case study with students where they studied the international firm.

Through the interactive study, students were commissioned by a client to conduct a full market study on changing consumer behavior and needs given the proliferation of digital tools and touchpoints.

Students were given the role of Proven SA consultants and navigated through different strategies for the client and overcoming challenges and obstacles that arise in business.

The study assisted students in grasping a deeper understanding of running a business in Saudi and developed their strategic thinking.

“It helped us to better understand how to think and organize our thoughts when it comes to reading and assessing a case,” said Yara El Hage, a final-year business marketing major. “Having more instances like these would definitely allow us to understand and interact best with such material.”

For Tracy Abdallah, also a business marketing student in her last year of study, the session revealed aspects and some complexities of running a business. “I felt that we can focus and understand the different scenarios and decisions companies are faced with,” she said. “Thinking out loud among the class on different and diverse decisions made it seem as if we were in a real work environment.”