Saudi Arabia unveils $22bn worth of projects in Riyadh

By February 17, 2019News

Saudi Arabia have launched a $22 billion project in Riyadh to improve the infrastructure, amenities and education in the region.

There will be 1,281 development projects, including fifteen housing projects in Riyadh to increase home ownership among Saudi citizens, Islamic museums, sports cities, seven medical cities and sixteen educational projects.

The development will also include a 315,000 square metre environmental area, airport expansions and the development and upgrade of the area’s roads.

Additionally, the plans include an ambulance centre, modernisation of the Riyadh TV renovation project and a mental health hospital.

The projects were announced on Wednesday by Riyadh governor, Prince Faisal bin Bandar during an event and are expected to create thousands of jobs for both men and women.

During the event, he noted the projects were part of a larger development worth over $90 billion.