Saudi Arabia awards first major wind project worth $500m

By January 13, 2019News

Saudi Arabia have awarded the contract to build a $500 million wind farm. The contract, awarded last Thursday was a first for the Kingdom as the government works to diversify the energy sector.

A consortium led by France’s EDF and Abu Dhabi’s Masdar won the bid the for 400-megawatt project called Dumat al-Jandal wind project in the Al Jouf province, said the Saudi energy ministry.

“The project will be Saudi Arabia’s first utility-scale wind farm,” the ministry said and it will power up to 70,000 residences.

Currently, majority of Saudi’s power comes from crude or refined oil and natural gas. However, with this project and the joint Saudi-Softbank solar power, the world’s biggest solar power project valued at $200 billion, Saudi are on their way to successfully diversifying their energy sector away from oil.