Saudi limits 41 job roles to its citizens in Madinah

By December 20, 2018News

Saudi Arabia has limited 41 job roles in Madinah to its’ citizens.

The decree, issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MLSD), covers a range of roles from NGOs, retail, hospitality and tourism.

The job types and activities covered under the decree include: Light-vehicle driver, order taker, safety and security officer, food service employee, telephone operator, data-entry clerk, administrative clerk, secretary, general services supervisor, room service supervisor, maintenance supervisor, sales and marketing supervisor, safety and security supervisor, tourism programmes supervisor, front office supervisor, supervisor of telephone operators, overseer, director of security and safety, acting director, maintenance manager, room service manager, customer service manager, administrative manager, sales and marketing representative, director of tourism programs, director of the front office and director of staff relations.

The ministry said the move is to help locals and women increase their participation in the workforce, one of the Vision 2030 objectives.