Launching of e-approval for sick leave

By November 15, 2018News

Saudi Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfeeq Bin Fawzan Alrabeiah, in partnership with the Ministry of Civil Services, approved the launch of the e-approval of sick leave last Thursday. This reform was launched to help and serve Saudi residents.

Dr. Alrabieah expressed his delight as this will improve services for citizens who work in the government sector and will later extend to private sector employees. The service will provide an online verification to the employer (and concerned parties) with the employees sick leave.

This service will assist both the healthcare system and employers as the process that was previously manual and required employees to take hard copies to their employer will now be instant and electronic. The healthcare industry will also benefit from the data made available about illnesses and diseases and how to treat them.

The service will be available to government and private hospitals and health centres for public and private sector employees. It will contact the concerned entities with the sick leave notice, allowing companies to use replacement staff. Dr. Alrabieah stated that the number of sick leave notices issued came from 8400 health practitioners and the numbers continues to increase.

The Saudi government are working to improve automated and online services and stopping hard copy processes through the Electronic Transformation Program. The program aims to provide fast service to stakeholders and provide government entities with better data to analyze and utilize for social improvement. The service will allow the government to monitor sick leave and where they are most prevalent.

Through raising data quality, the government can make better informed decisions and create reforms that support residents and improve the lives of those living in the Kingdom.

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