Ejtiaz Service launched by Saudi Council of Engineers

By November 22, 2018News

The Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) have launched the Ejtiaz service, requiring any engineer who wishes to work in the Kingdom to register with the SCE prior to entering the country.

The Chairman of the Board, Mohammed Al Shahrani, said the service aims to facilitate the process for engineers looking to work in the Kingdom. The service will also link with other government entities such as the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior, Saudi embassies and consulates around the world.

Ejtiaz has a number of online services, such as remote registration, electronic payment and issuing temporary membership. The service allows engineers to submit their qualifications, certificates and identification documentation through the site.

He continued, the service requires any engineer who wishes to apply to have at least five years of engineering work experience. Ejtiaz is aimed at preventing engineers who are not accredited from entering the Kingdom, reducing engineering violations and errors in projects.

Shahrani finished by saying, the service has many benefits to Saudi Arabia, but namely, improving the quality of engineering work in the Kingdom.