Saudi ministry warns new retail job restrictions is days away

By October 30, 2018News

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labour and Social Development is reminding those in the wholesale and retail professions that new restrictions will come into force in the coming days.

The new rules, announced in January, require 70 percent of sales jobs in stores selling 12 types of items to be held by Saudis.

The first phase came into force last month for automobile and motorbike showrooms and shops selling items including ready-made clothing for men and children, home and office furniture, household goods and utensils.

The second phase begins on November 9 and will apply to “electrical and electronic appliances, watches and glasses shops”, the ministry said.

The third phase will come into effect on January 7 requiring “medical equipment stores, construction materials shops, auto spare parts shops, carpet shops of all kinds, and confectionery shops” to comply.

The decision was meant “to enable citizens and women citizens to work and raise their participation rates in the private sector” said the ministry.