Benefits of shared services

Shared services are an organizational model where a defined set of support services are managed by an independent, internal, and centralized organization. Shared services separate operational and strategic activities to enhance focus and effectiveness throughout the organization.

What are the benefits of shared services?


The front office culture of the company is enhanced as it becomes customer centric, as well as improving service and lowering costs. Shared services also improve staff ownership of work as accountability and responsibility of work is increased.

Charging mechanism

The defined model for charging back the cost of shared services to the company is beneficial, using a transactional charging model, similar to using a third party supplier, as this lowers costs for the company.


Shared services help companies improve in their efficiency and effectiveness, therefore offering a higher service excellence. It also creates standardisation throughout the business and enhances performance. It allows for continuous improvement, of internal and customer-facing skills, controls costs and improves customer satisfaction.


Shared services provide a governance framework of customers and management. It provides daily control through management system and transparency, cost control and service excellence.

People Development

Regular investment in skills is a normal part of shared services, staff are encouraged to upskill, cross skill and learn new skills through training plans and performance management.

Organizational Structure

The organization structure of a company when utilizing shared services means that staff are organized in end-to-end service delivery by an end-to-end process and in a customer centric manner.

Continuous improvement

Shared services ensure that service is increasingly efficient and feasible. Processes are improved and automation increased to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the company.

The benefits available with shared services are numerous and continue to grow as other advancements are made in this area. Technological advancements such as robotics process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to make shared services an increasingly favourable option for companies.

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