Making the most of TAQAT

NitaqatFinding the right Saudi national employees can be challenging for private sector companies, however, it is essential to doing business in Saudi Arabia. The government have taken steps to improve this process for companies by developing the Nitaqat system to ensure that companies hire a proportionate number of Saudi nationals and to determine compliance.

As a part of the Vision 2030, to increase Saudi national participation in the private sector, the government developed TAQAT. The portal allows companies to search through hundreds of thousands of profiles to find suitable hires. It gives companies many options for potential candidates however, there are also many benefits to the portal that many companies do not utilize. Here’s how to make the most of the TAQAT portal.


Hawafiz is a single-use platforms that consolidates all the subsidy programs offered by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). The platform wants companies to portray positive behaviour, earn points and redeem them for incentive payments received monthly, depending on the regulations of the individual incentive program.


Tamheer is a three to six month on the job training program that allows Saudi national graduates to gain experience and skills for full time employment. It enhances the employer’s image and gives them access to employees quickly therefore reducing search costs and hiring time.

Wages Subsidies Programs

The HRDF gives certain private sector companies subsidies for hiring Saudi nationals for a percentage of the wage, for example, through the Women Training and Employment Support Program.

Incremental Support

Incremental support is offered to companies who are in the platinum and high green level of Nitaqat. This program is a HRDF sponsored initiative that gives companies up to SAR 4000 per month, for up to the first four years of the Saudi national’s employment and subsidizes up to 20 percent of a company’s Saudi labour force.

The TAQAT portal offers services to both the private sector and Saudi national employees to ensure that both parties benefit. To make the most of your TAQAT, companies should ensure they are not missing out on benefits they are entitled to by remaining compliant.

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