What is HR consulting?

Human resource consulting is the process of assisting companies in their human resource management, including; eliminating non-value adding tasks and therefore reducing costs, identifying and redirecting inefficient HR administrative tasks and practices. It help companies focus on their human resource performance, serve their employees better and help the company improve their employee productivity, efficiency and communication.

Who needs it?

HR consulting is useful for all types, sizes and industries of organizations, however, what factors justify your need for the service. Below we break down scenarios that may qualify you for HR consulting.

  • Staffing and employee productivity: a company may need help in recruitment and hiring if they are experiencing increased employee turnover, high rates of absenteeism or changes in management. Additional factors include poor performance or delivery of work and conflict, both interdepartmental and employee related.
  • Change in business direction: a significant change in the company’s direction, vision or mission can result in the need for HR consulting. A merger or acquisition may mean that employees need new training and resources or companies may need to hire new employees to facilitate the company’s change in direction.
  • Lack of organizational processes or policies: this may be a larger problem for smaller companies but having proper processes and policies is essential to every business. The lack of these can lead to issues such as poor workflow, poor direction, employees not performing tasks specific to their role and uneven workloads.
  • A significant change in sales: this can be either a significant increase or decrease, which can lead to layoffs or the need for immediate hires to accommodate the growing business. Both these scenarios require HR consulting to facilitate the company’s changes and minimize stress during this process. Additional factors include; increased labour costs, recruitment needs or increased need for temporary needs.
  • Change of environment: a major change in company structure or a need to improve company culture, the introduction of new technologies or low employee morale and high stress are all situations that warrant HR consulting.

What are the benefits?

  • Effective recruitment: a HR consultant will help companies develop strategies and processes for the recruitment, selection and hiring process. They will help in tailoring your recruitment needs to your company and your company needs and how you can ultimately continue it for the long term.
  • Reduced stress on management: HR consulting can work alongside management to analyse where excess time is being spent on non-essential tasks and minimize this. Therefore, increasing productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of management.
  • Implementation of HR technology: HR technology is extremely beneficial to companies as it streamlines communication and automates processes therefore, reducing HR administration and management stress.

Human resource consulting is improving the way companies function internally; improving HR processes, systems and boosting employee morale. Human resources is crucial to all businesses as employees are the centre of a company and essential to the company’s success. Companies struggling with HR should consider hiring a HR consultant who can help them improve their functionality and therefore improve their business results and outcomes.

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