Saudi opens an online portal to change profession

By August 1, 2018News

The Ministry of Labor has allowed job title changes in preparation for the new ‘career matrix’ criteria, in effect from the beginning of the upcoming Hijri year. Professions can be changed based on its’ designated classifications and subclassifications related to its main occupation. The rules and regulations of the new system are currently unconfirmed.

The new service, called profession amendment, will allow users to change their profession under a number of conditions and rules aligned with international classifications.

The service will be implemented through an automated online system. It will verify the application against the related career matrix and the relevant rules to ensure the individual is eligible for a profession change.

The new amendment allows integration with Saudi Organization for Engineers, the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants to verify the applicant has the qualifications to practice the profession. In the future, there will be the ability to add reference bodies.

The Ministry are looking forward to how this new system can benefit the policies they will be able to develop in the future because of the quality data and statistics this system will provide.

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