Relocating comes with many questions that are sometimes hard to find answers to. Saudi Arabia is a common destination for many expatriates but there is often culture shock and many other unfamiliar situations to be expected. A relocation consultant can support you in the transition and help the process flow smoothly. Below we answer frequently asked questions about relocating to Saudi Arabia.

What does a relocation service offer?

A relocation service is comprehensive in its function, it is involved in every aspect of the employee’s move. From packing and shipping your belongings to visas, housing and bank accounts, your relocation consultant will assist you every step of the way. Removal services tend to focus on the movement of your physical belongings from one place to another, however, relocation services offer support during every stage of the move. A relocation service will assist you in opening a bank account in your new country, finding a school suitable for your children, a suitable option for relocating your pets and accommodation in a suitable area for your lifestyle.

Are there import restrictions in KSA?

There are import restrictions when shipping your belongings to Saudi Arabia. The full list can be found here.

Are my belongings covered by insurance when moving?

Most companies that offer a removal service for your belongings will include insurance in case of damage during the transit. Ensure you contact your removal service provider to check the level of insurance offered.

How long will my belongings be held in customs?

The duration of time your personal belongings will be held in customs is dependent on the port it entered through, sea or air, what it contains, if your documents were completed correctly among other factors. The duration changes from port to port, for example, the Jeddah Port says to expect a minimum of 14 days in customs before goods are cleared. However, goods will only be cleared through customs once the owner is in Saudi Arabia and carrying all the required documentation.

Relocating to Saudi Arabia can have many challenges and holds many unknowns, especially if you are unfamiliar with the culture or the way of living. Hiring a relocation consultant will help you avoid the stress that comes with an international move. Having this point of contact who’s knowledgeable in the culture and the way of life who can support you throughout the process.

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