Saudi women driving is set to boost the economy and job market

Saudi women driving is predicted to add up to $90 billion to the economy by 2030. Bloomberg Economics have predicted that allowing Saudi women to drive could help the Kingdom reap as much income as selling shares in Saudi Aramco.

The freedom of driving allows more women to move into the workplace, take more senior roles and have the option of taking up jobs further away from their homes without having to incur the cost of a driver or taxis. It opens up roles such as sales roles, area managers or account managers or other jobs that require driving that isn’t part of the commute.

A recent survey by GulfTalent showed that 82% of women plan to take up driving this year. This opens up roles for women, gives them access to better matched positions, higher salaries and higher chances of progression. The respondents from the GulfTalent survey said they will be looking for better job opportunities as soon as they are able to drive.

Recent research by PwC forecasts that an estimated three million women will be driving in Saudi Arabia by 2020 fueling the Vision 2030 plans to get women into the workforce increasing female employment from 22% to 30%.