How to get your Saudi Arabia driving licence

There has been much celebration that Saudi women being able to drive since the ban was lifted on the 24th June 2018. Now women can convert their existing foreign licences or apply for new ones. If their licence has expired or they do not know how to drive, then they will need to enroll in one of the driving schools first.

Currently this process is only available for women who are not dependents sponsored by their husband. The MOI have confirmed that they will implement a process for these women in the next few weeks.

To convert your existing licence you need to follow this process;

Set up your Absher account here or visit one of the Absher kiosks. You will need to enter your details including your Iqama number, your mobile number, your email address and your bank details.

Once you have completed your Absher set up, including verification, go to the Saudi Driving Licence Portal set up an account and upload the following documents;

  • Scanned copy of your ID
  • Scanned copy of your valid driving license
  • Scanned copy of translation of driving license ( both front and back)
  • Medical report (there is a list on the portal for the clinics that you attend)

The site is only in Arabic at the moment, so you will need assistance from an Arabic speaker or use the Google translate window that pops up, although this won’t be an accurate translation.

Once you have uploaded your licence copies and paid the licence fee through the SADAD site, you can book an appointment at the Moroor Traffic Office to complete your driving test and have them take your fingerprints. The licence fees are SAR400 for a 10 year licence and SAR200 for a 5 year licence.

The documents you will need for your Moroor appointment are;

  • Your original license
  • Your original Iqama / ID
  • Copies of all your documents

Once you have completed (and passed) your driving test, you will get your printed licence whilst you are still at the Moroor Office.

If you have any questions on getting your driving licence, contact us on