What to ask when outsourcing your payroll in Saudi Arabia

What is payroll outsourcing?

A payroll outsourcing provider will complete all your payroll requirements, including tax, legal compliance, over-time, payslips, annual leave and all payroll related duties. In Saudi Arabia, this will also include taking responsibility of the Wage Protection System (WPS) requirements, General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) calculations, social insurance and tax.


Payroll outsourcing providers can help companies identify tax savings and therefore increase profits. They will ensure that employees receive their pay on time, increasing productivity in the workplace, while avoiding tax penalties and legalities. Additionally, they will diligently update necessary financial reports associated with payroll, whilst ensuring their compliance.

What to ask before choosing your provider


  • What’s included in the basic service?
  • How long does it take to re-run payroll if there’s a mistake?
  • How long is your average client relationship?


  • Does your tax filing service cover the penalties and/or interest charges?
  • Can you cover all WPS and GOSI responsibilities?


  • What is the cost of your service, including tax and fees?
  • How long are the rates in effect? Should I expect a rate increase after that?
  • If there are payroll data mistakes, how long will it take to reconcile the errors and what will it cost?

Questions for references

  • What is the primary method of communicating payroll related information?
  • Have you had any problems with accuracy in the past?

If you require payroll outsourcing services, contact us at info@proven-sa.com.