An expat can bring their family to Saudi Arabia as long as the following conditions are fulfilled. The expat must have an eligible job title specified by the Ministry of Interior (MOI), reach the minimum salary requirement and their job title must match on their qualification certificate.

To obtain a family visa, also known as istiqdam, the following documents are required;

  • an iqama with an eligible profession
  • iqama copy
  • passport copy
  • Saudi visa 
  • dependents passport copy
  • attested degree certificates
  • attested marriage certificate
  • attested birth certificates of the children
  • salary certificate from your employer

All of the mentioned documents must be translated to Arabic with a completed istiqdam application form and salary certificate from your employer in Arabic and both documents must be chambered.

With an eligible job title, family visas can be applied for online through the Absher portal. The applicant must register online through the Ministry of Interior Absher website, then verify their registration at their nearest activation office. Once the registration has been verified, they can complete the application process for the family visa online.

Professions eligible include, but are not limited to; accountant, auditor, accounts manager, banker, business person, chairman, executive director, chemist (all specializations), dental technician, diplomat (members of diplomatic corps), director, engineer (all specializations), executive manager or director, executive secretary, judge, lab specialist, lab technician, lawyer, advocate, lecturer, nurse, manager (all types), media specialist, physicist, regional director, sales executive, sales manager, sales representative, surgeon (all specializations), teacher, instructor, university professor and university students.

Finally, the eligibility of family visa is at the discretion of the authorities to approve or reject the family visa application.