UAE approves day visas to boost tourism

New plans have been announced to give more travellers a visit visa when they arrive at any UAE airport. The moves aims to encourage them to explore the country and boost tourism spending.

The UAE Cabinet made the announcement on Sunday, as part of a broader plan to encourage transit passengers to stay in the country longer and visit its landmarks. It said 70 per cent of the total passengers who passed through the UAE’s airports in 2017 were in transit.

The new policy aims to enhance transit visa procedures so stopover passengers can explore the UAE. It will list visa fees and mechanisms for increasing the number of stopover visitors, as well as options to promote the country’s main tourism attractions.

The country continues to expanded its cultural offerings with the 2016 opening of the Dubai Opera House, the 2017 opening of Louvre Abu Dhabi, the recent expansion of Dubai’s historic Al Seef district and the 2018 opening of Qasr Al Hosn fort, the oldest structure in Abu Dhabi.

Presently, citizens of India, Pakistan, Africa and South America require a visa processed in advance. Visitors from India and Iran are most likely to use transit visas.