Saudi Arabia looks to wind power

Saudi Arabia has received bids for the first wind-power project it put out to tender to international companies. The bidders for the 400-megawatt project are ACWA Power, the renewable energy units of European utilities Electricite de France and Ene, and Engie’s International Power.

Saudi Arabia, plans to develop 9.5 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2023 in a push to reduce reliance on crude and natural gas. The wind plant will be the first of its kind under the national program.

The wind plant is to be located at Dumat Al Janda city in Saudi Arabia’s northwest. The northwest, has some of the most favorable winds in the kingdom for producing power, making it prime area for the government to develop. State-owned Saudi Arabian Oil Co started the first wind turbine at one of its industrial sites in the region in January 2017.