Skilled workers can take up to two part-time jobs in UAE

In Abu Dhabi, skilled employees, for example, experts, consultants, university professors and doctors are now able to take up to two part-time jobs with two employers under the new system from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, according to a senior official.

Under this system, employees total hours in both positions must not exceed eight hours a day and forty-eight hours per week, said Dr Omar Abdul Rahman Al Nuaimi, assistant undersecretary for International Relations at the ministry. “The employee must also enjoy at least one day weekly rest,” he added.

This new system will work alongside the current system which allows employers and employees to establish a normal business relationship under fixed-term or indefinite contracts.

The decision, signed by Nasser Bin Thani Al Hameli, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, allows companies to hire skilled workers – those with a university degree or higher and those who have completed their diploma in any field – from within the country or overseas under a part-time contract without approval from the original employer.

However, existing contracts cannot be converted to part-time contracts or vice versa until the initial contract has expired.

Al Hameli says, this new system will make the market more flexible and will therefore assist employers in fulfilling their recruitment needs from the existing labour market, rather than hiring from outside the country.

He added that the system helps in attracting and retaining skills in the UAE and will increase the productivity of the labour market.

The part-time contracts will be under the same rules and penalties as the regular employment contracts, either fixed-term or non-fixed-term, to protect the rights of the employer and employee, according to Al Hameli.

The two employers will uphold the employee’s annual leave, end-of-service benefits and other financial obligations depending on the number of actual working hours and the amount of the wage paid to the employee.

Employers are also obliged to provide their employees’ with the proper requirements and working environment specified in the ministry’s regulations.

According to the system, employers may not require employees to work more than the hours agreed upon except with a written consent from the employee. The employer may not prevent the employee from working at a similar company to their own under the non-competition clause or for disclosure of the secrets of the work, unless a court ruling has been issued to this effect.

Full list of skill categories

Those eligible to hold two part-time jobs include those in skill level 1 or those who hold a university degree; and those in skill level 2 or have completed a 2- or 3- year diploma after secondary school in any field.

Skill 1 – including but not limited to; board chairmen, chief executive officers, general managers, professors, marketing managers, sales managers, hotel managers, chemists, physicists, geologists, actuarial statisticians, information technology consultants, system analysts, computer programmers, computer networking, architects, urban planning engineers, interior design engineers, civil engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, ship captains, doctors, veterinarians, pharmacists, teachers, judges, legal researchers, journalists, interpreters, librarians, archivists and musicians.

Skill 2 – including but not limited to; technicians, surveyors, technical controllers, air controllers, sea controllers, nurses, masseurs, orthopaedic physiotherapists, occupational rehabilitation technicians, nannies, dental assistants, pharmacist assistants, acupuncture technicians and real estate agents.