Saudi to halt recruitment of less experienced foreign engineers from 2018

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Saudi Council of Engineers (SCE) have agreed to stop the recruitment of foreign engineers with less than 5 years experience. As a mandate, foreign engineers will be required to sit a test and an interview with the SCE to validate their engineering experience and specialties.

Dr. Gamil bin Garallah Al-Baqaawi, Chairman of the Council, and Dr. Ahmed Al-Qattan, Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Development for Labor Policies have said the decision was made to allow Saudi engineers greater work opportunities in the governmental and private sector, whilst providing them the necessary experience.

Foreign engineers must certify that their experience is in the engineering field, and any misrepresented information is the responsibility of the engineer.

This decision was made following the previous decision of the SCE, to require a three-year-experience minimum, an interview and a professional test, as a minimum for any new engineer coming to Saudi.

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