The Ministry of Labor (MOL) and the Human Resource Development Fund’s (HRDF) program, Parallel Nitaqat has been introduced in order to help entities who are facing a drop in Nitaqat rating due to the new Nitaqat ratios (implemented on 3rd September 2017).

For companies that are struggling to find Saudi nationals with the required skills or training, Parallel Nitaqat is a system designed to manage this.

The Parallel Nitaqat support service can be paid on a monthly basis or up to six months in advance. The service allows the company to move up to the required level of Saudization, without hiring Saudi nationals.

The system has a calculator that will tell you how much the service will cost, depending on how far you are from achieving compliance in Saudization. The fees paid to MOL go to the HRDF and will fund the training and developing of Saudi skills.


تعريف الخدمة التوطين الموازي PDF

 تعريف-الخدمة-التوطين-الموازي PDF

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