The summer months in the Middle East are almost over and busier months are ahead as we approach the end of the year. As people return from travel and go back to work, there’s an increase in workload for the final two quarters. Companies are looking for ways to increase productivity and more are turning to outsourcing companies in Saudi as a solution.

Many companies look to outsourcing as a way to increase core activity productivity by outsourcing non core activities such as payroll or recruitment. In this article, we will focus on recruitment, payroll outsourcing and HR consulting and how it can improve your results for the last quarter of the year.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment is a large task, and requires attention to detail. To find a suitable employee that has the right skills, qualifications, experience, personality and can fit into the company culture can be difficult. For smaller companies, recruitment can take away a lot of the company resources whilst looking for the right candidate. Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows a company to outsource the recruitment and hiring process to an agent.

An RPO service has experts working to find the right candidate to suit your business. An RPO partner should test and screen candidates to make sure that they suit your business requirements, culture and team before sending suitable candidates to you for interview.

As employees are the most important asset to your company, it is crucial to make the right decisions while recruiting. This is why outsourcing recruitment to a reliable company is the best option for companies that don’t have the expertise to fulfill this task.


Outsourcing payroll takes the responsibility away from the company to ensure that employees are paid on time and in compliance with the labor law. The outsourcing agent will ensure that payroll and all of its’ components are completed so that employers fulfill their obligations to their employees.

Outsourcing the payroll function reduces overheads removing the need to purchase payroll technology, software and having permanent payroll staff. Outsourcing gives companies access to advanced technology and high level resources without the high costs.

Payroll outsourcing encompasses all the payroll duties from administration to management. These include; payroll processing, salary, social insurance, GOSI calculations, pay slips, holiday entitlements, wage protection system (WPS), compliance, HR issues and more.

HR Consulting

Human resource consulting helps companies improve their employee and organizational performance while minimizing employment practice risk. Effective HR consulting helps companies implement strategic human resource practices, programs and processes into daily operations.

This is completed in many different ways depending on the need of the company. HR consulting can include services such as HR audits and assessments, succession planning, recruitment and selection, staffing analysis, work visa solution, consulting for Saudization, Nitaqat, and Ajeer, staff and payroll outsourcing.

Companies that have effective HR consulting see an improvement in employee productivity, development in staff skills, retaining key employees and an improvement in leadership effectiveness. A HR consultant can help you achieve this by creating employee appraisals, establishing KPIs, reviewing existing incentives and implementing HR technology into the company.

Outsourcing helps businesses reach their goals quicker and more efficiently. They are able to focus on the core activities that help them achieve their objectives, while outsourcing the rest. Outsourcing allows a business to know that their non-core activities are being handled by experts. For the final two quarters of 2017, consider how you can use outsourcing to reach your business objectives.

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