The Red Sea project

By August 8, 2017News

The Red Sea project is a tourism project designed to put Saudi Arabia on the international tourism map. The Red Sea project consists of a luxury resort situated on the northwestern coast of the Kingdom, between the cities Umluj and Al Wajh. The project will be spread over a length of 200km and will cover 34,000km2.

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) will provide initial investments and later on the project will be open to foreign investors and partnerships with international companies.

The project will be developed on one of the most pristine sites in the world. It will allow tourists to experience a luxury eco-friendly resort, scattered along an archipelago.

The project will be governed by international standards for the framework of sustainable development and environmental protection, to protect the Kingdom’s natural resources to the highest standard.

Tourists visiting the resort will have different visa requirements to Saudi Arabia. Most nationalities will not need a visa to visit the resort.

The project will begin in 2019, with the groundbreaking beginning in the third quarter and completion of phase 1 by the end of quarter 4 of 2022.

The resort will contain many tourist attractions on site, such as; historical heritage sites, mountains, nature reserves, dormant volcanoes, coastlines and beaches over the 50 islands.

The first phase will include; transportation services (boats and seaplanes), development of hotels and luxury residential units, an airport, establishing utilities and infrastructure and a seaport.

The project aims to contribute SR 15 billion per annum to the national GDP, maximize the Kingdom’s revenue by increasing PIF’s income, create up to 35,000 jobs in line with Vision 2030, and bring 1 million visitors per annum by 2035.

This project aims to increase tourism in the Kingdom as currently, majority of the country’s tourism is based on Muslim pilgrims visiting Mecca and Medina.


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