Important updates from the Saudi Council of Engineers

The Saudi Council of Engineers has announced an important update to the renewal of Iqamas in the Kingdom. From May 29, 2017 it’s mandatory for some technicians (listed below) to be registered with Saudi Council of Engineers to secure their Iqama or renewal of their Iqama.

The Saudi Council of Engineers is dedicated to ensuring the growth of the industry, the continuous development of the engineers skills and to remain current in their field.

The current list is expected to expand although a date for this has not been announced.

For support in getting registered with the Saudi Council of Engineers, please contact our expert team on +966 11 411 1127 or

Architect painter Draftsman, architectural
Architectural models maker (Makit) Maquette maker
Painter structural / buildings Draftsman structure (buildings)
Structural / methods painter Construction draftsman, roads
Artistic buildings (buildings monitor) Technician building
Technician methods (monitor methods) Technician, roads construction
Surveyor buildings Surveyor, buildings
Surveyor ways Surveyor, roads
Surveyor Surveyor, lands
Computer amounts Surveyor, quantity
Soil mechanics laboratory technician Technician, soil mechanics laboratory
Laboratory construction materials technician Technician, construction materials laboratory
General painter Draftsman, general
Painter civil engineering Draftsman, civil engineering
Surveyor – general Surveyor, general
Surveyor mines Surveyor, mines
Surveyor painterly Surveyor, photographic
Painter – maps and plans Map, draftsman
Associate surveyor Surveyor, helper
Graphic art digital maps Digital chart technician
Artistic signature digital aerial survey Digital aerial survey signing technician
Surveyor and investigator fields Field investigator surveyor
Aerial survey equipment operator digital Digital aerial survey machines operator
Musharraf’s first printing maps Senior supervisor map printing
Artistic drawing freely maps Nautical cartographer
Surveyor amounts Quantities surveyor

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