Saudi female talent recognised with all-women business centre hiring its 1000th female employee

By February 5, 2017News

The initiative aims to employ 3,000 women as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030

An all-women business centre in Riyadh, is leading the way in creating more professional opportunities for the nation’s females. The business centre employs skilled Saudi graduates and hired its 1000th female employee in 2016 with another 2000 expected to be employed over the next few years.

The All-Women Business Process & IT Services Center was launched in 2013, and offers customers a range of services designed to improve the efficiency of their operations. The target number of women employed is set to reach 3000 in the next few years to meet the requirements for Vision 2030.

The centre was established to support the Kingdom’s development strategy of job creation for Saudi women. All employees receive extensive training on communications, presentation skills, corporate etiquette and global culture.

The centre was established by Tata Consultancy Services, Saudi Aramco and General Electric. Initial customers included Saudi Aramco and GE but the centre now also includes Saudi Telecom Company and the Saudi Ministry of Economy and Planning among its clients.

Natarajan Chandrasekaran, CEO and managing director of Tata Consultancy Services said “Hiring 1,000 highly skilled women is a testimony to our long-term commitment to Saudi Arabia and to further achieve job creation goals of the Kingdom. The endeavour of this centre is to tap into this local talent pool and help develop women leaders of tomorrow. This is in line with the Kingdom’s objective of improving employability of students during their graduation, with a focus on specialisation in professional areas.”

Employees include graduates, postgraduates and PhD holders, giving testament to the high level of education among Saudi women.

Women are seen working in a large number of professional roles across the Kingdom such as airports, as diplomats, in many areas of retail, and as lawyers and teachers. According to the labour ministry, 400,000 women are currently working in Saudi Arabia, compared with fewer than 55,000 before 2009.

Adding to their presence in the working world by developing a job search app, six female graduates from Jeddah developed SnapJob. The app aims to help young men and women match to the right jobs in the private and public sectors.
Source; CIPD

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