The Saudi Contractors Authority Has Been Introduced

By February 19, 2017News

The Saudi Contractors Authority (SCA) is a new authority responsible for regulating the contractor industry in Saudi Arabia and increasing the amount of mergers and acquisitions within the Kingdom. The SCA will work to address labour issues, draft rules for the industry, publish industry data and supply statistics to the government.

Previously, there was no official body responsible for monitoring the contracting industry. The SCA has been established as a way to increase the sustainability of the contracting sector. The SCA is responsible for achieving a high performing and high quality contracting sector in Saudi Arabia, through continuously working to improve all aspects of the sector.

The SCA aims to be a pioneer in creating a well-rounded work environment within the contracting industry, to increase the capacity of already-owned resources and facilitate communication between industry stakeholders to support and strengthen the Saudi economy.

For contractors working in Saudi, it is beneficial to become an SCA certified member as you will receive the full range of services that the SCA offer, you will have all the tools you need to aid in the growth of the industry and you will eligible to vote on industry matters (only applies to Saudi contractors).

As a Non-Saudi member, registering for the SCA membership will grant you a listing in the directory as a verified SCA member, a SCA certification to prove your accreditation of the SCA and a MUQAWIL certification, access to a help desk, live chat and call centre for any assistance you require and the ability to participate in workshops and assist in developing strategies for the SCA.

The SCA have announced their general assembly to be held this February 28, 2017 for Saudi contractors to attend, however, registration is necessary, and you must be an SCA member.

If you require any support with registration, contact Proven on +966 11 411 1127 or

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