The Taqat Gateway Period Has Been Extended

UPDATE: Companies are no longer required to post their available positions on the Taqat Gateway if they’re hiring new employees on their block visa. Private sector companies now have a more relaxed process for hiring expats and decreased timelines for processing work and residency visas for new employees.

Previously, companies were required to advertise positions on the portal depending on their Nitaqat rating; 7 days for platinum category, 14 days for high green category and 45 days for medium and low green category. This has been a welcome change as the government continue to ease market conditions for private sector companies.

The Taqat Gateway now has a 45 day time period

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development has announced the extension of the job advertisement period on the Taqat Gateway. Jobs now posted on the portal need to remain for a period of 45 days, up from the previous 14 days.

The reason for this increase is to provide sufficient opportunity for companies to advertise jobs and attract qualified Saudis, before embarking on a request for recruitment to fill the positions.

The representative of the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Khalid Aba Al-Khail, said that “the extension of the declaration of jobs to 45 days will enable the employer of the easy access to a wide range of professionals registered on the National Portal to work, through the announcement of job vacancies available in the facility, and take advantage of search services and harmonization mechanism provided by the gate, before applying recruitment in the event of a lack of manpower and national to fill those jobs.”

The changes made by the ministry on recruitment systems and the Taqat Gateway, aims to provide more job opportunities for Saudis to meet the requirements for Vision 2030.

The Taqat Gateway has multiple functions. It supports Saudis in the labor market and aims to provide an adequate opportunity for business owners to attract and recruit Saudis. Business owners can benefit from multiple free services offered by the channels and job centers in the Kingdom.  Organizations can also obtain financial support provided by the human resources development Fund programs (AIM) which supports the localization of jobs.

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Source; Ministry of Labour Portal


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