New Saudization plan postponed

London SaudizationThe Ministry of Labour and Social Development announces the rescheduling of the Saudization plan

In response to the requests from a number of private sector organizations, The Balanced Nitaqat, has been delayed. The Ministry of Labour and Social Development has not confirmed a new date for the new Saudization plan.

The delay allows the private sector time to facilitate and further prepare for the weighted ranges program. The delay in the the implementation of the program also delays the launch of the Saudization site. The site will contain information on Saudization ranges for each industry and organization size. It will also contain a Saudization calculator to allow companies to manage their points and modify their Saudization ratio if required.

The new Saudization program is part of a package of reforms for the labor market to tie in with Vision 2030. The weighted ranges are part of the ministries actions to improve market performance, raising the quality of employment and creating an attractive work environment in the private sector.

The five factors for the new Saudization plan will be number of saudi workers in a company, the average wage of those workers, the percentage of Saudi women employed by the company, sustainability function for Saudis in the company and the percentage of Saudis with high wages.

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Source: Ministry of Labour 

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