Kawadir Labour Portal Provides New Opportunities

The Kawadir Labor Portal is a CV database of local expats.

The Kawadir Labor Portal provides companies access to a database containing CVs of high skilled expats. The expats have local experience and seek to work for another employer or have an expired residency ID/work permit.

In addition, it includes those who were not issued a residency ID after 3 months of entering the Kingdom or those who work for companies that want to let go of their services and move them to another company.

Private employers have uploaded over 2,200 CVs of their workers on the Kawadir Labor Portal. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development recently launched the portal as they plan to transfer their service to other employers.

The Kawadir Labor Portal allows companies to recruit high-skilled expat workers whose services are no longer needed by their original employers.  Already, CVs from more than 700 establishments have been requested by potential employers through the portal.

The portal gives new options for those with expired residence or work permits, allowing them to seek employment with other companies. It also gives options for those who do not obtain their residence permits after three months in the Kingdom, letting them look for other sponsors.

The goal of the portal is to reduce overseas recruitment by utilizing the existing expat workforce inside the Kingdom. When their employers wish to terminate their contracts they can transfer their services to other employers and private establishments.

The portal only allows establishments with green and above labels in the Nitaqat program to use its services. However, it helps establishments with low Saudization numbers to let go of their expat workers on their request and to hire Saudi nationals instead. This results in them moving up to a better range.

Employers can upload the CVs of expats working in their companies via the portal. However, they do need to obtain approval of their expat workers, before posting their work information.

Those interested in employing expat job seekers inside the Kingdom or transferring the service of their employees can visit the website at www.kawadir.com.sa.


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