How to find a Saudi Arabia GRO service

If you have or are looking to set up an entity in Saudi Arabia, then a Government Relations Officer (GRO) is essential to your day to day business. For many businesses new to Saudi Arabia, the concept of a Saudi Arabia GRO service is something that they have not encountered before. However, if they have had experience in the Middle East, then they will have come across the service under the different name of PRO. This article covers why you need a GRO, what the requirements are for a GRO and what their role and responsibilities are within your company.

What is a GRO?

The Government Relations Officer role is to undertake all the activities for official submission of legal company document including visa processing, company licenses and employee official paperwork.

GROs ensure that all employees joining your organization comply with Saudi government regulations and employment laws. They work with your HR team and should have full responsibility for all labour law related matters. GROs should also work closely with your recruitment team, ensuring documents are completed and received on schedule, that visas are approved and that the company remains fully compliant. GROs will directly deal with government departments with regards to visas, licenses and sponsorship.

Why outsource your GRO needs?

Managing your GRO needs can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating especially if you have limited in-house resources. A GRO needs to have adequate experience in the procedures and requirements of each government department to ensure deadlines are met and delays and fines are avoided. The GRO needs to remain up to date with changes to regulations and have the skills to implement them into the company.

Outsourcing to a GRO provider allows you to concentrate on your business.

What does the GRO role include?

There are many different parts to the GRO role and can include any of the following;

  • Organize the renewal of company licenses
  • Submission of documentation to the Ministry Of Labour for visa applications
  • Submission of documentation to obtain licenses
  • Represent your organization at locations such as; Embassies, Ministries, Municipalities, Police Stations or Airports
  • Assist with company vehicle registration and renewals.
  • Arrange attestation of employee qualifications
  • Update visa administration information records
  • Provide continuous updates and advice in regards to the new regulations from governmental departments
  • Payment of all fees including; Labour Office, visa transfers, Labour Card, bank guarantees, medical tests
  • Preparation of invitation letters

In addition to having the skills to successfully undertake the role requirements listed above, a Saudi GRO must also have the following;

  • GROs must be Saudi nationals and can speak and write Arabic and English
  • A valid KSA driving license
  • Access to strong networks and governmental departments
  • Extensive knowledge of KSA labour laws  

If you feel overwhelmed by your GRO needs, then contact us on +966 11 411 1127 or and discuss how our in-house GRO team can support you. For more information on the services offered by Proven, visit our services page.

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