New Saudization Plan

A new Saudization plan has been announced, employ Saudis, gain points.

On December 1, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development will implement a new Saudization strategy to increase the employment of Saudis across various sectors.

The new program will be based on a point system and will also consider the average period of employment of Saudis in a company and the number of Saudis drawing high salaries.

Al-Madina Arabic reported that the progress of Saudization in a company will be estimated every week for a total of 26 consecutive weeks. The organization will then get 10 points for every 1% growth in Saudization.

A company can get a maximum of 1,000 points, assuming that they have 100% Saudization of the jobs in the organization.

The Saudization of women will also be considered. This will depend on the number of women employed by the organization and registered through the General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI). A company will get 2 points for each 1% of Saudi women that are employed up to a maximum of 200 points.

Companies will receive 4 points for each year spent by a Saudi worker in the organization. They can receive up to a maximum of 100 points if a Saudi stays 25 years.

The average salary of Saudi workers in a company will be calculated by adding the salaries of all Saudi workers in the one organization. Six points will be given for every SR1,000. A firm can earn a maximum of 270 points.

For every 1% of Saudis getting high salaries a firm will get 0.1 point with a maximum of 10 points.

More information on this points system will be announced on December 1, however now is the time to prepare your organization for these Saudization changes. If you need support with your Saudization strategy, please contact us on +966 (11) 5102725 or and discuss your needs with our expert team.

Source; Saudi Gazette

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