Types of Saudi Arabia Visas

Make sure that you apply for the right Saudi Arabia Visa

The different types of Saudi Arabia visa are below with details and processes and above in an easily saved infographic. If you need support with your travel to Saudi Arabia, then contact our expert immigration team on +966 11 411 1127 or info@proven-sa.com.

Visit Visa

A Saudi Visit Visa only valid for commercial visits, negotiations, investment talks, sales pitches or other similar meetings. Visitors holding a visit visa visitors are not allowed to work in any way that involves paid work. A Saudi visit visa requires an LOI from an individual or company sponsor to start the visa process. The invitation needs to be provided in the form of a letter and certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It must contain a visa number to show the Saudi embassy that the applicant has obtained a visa through a sponsor. The applicant should then attend their local Saudi embassy with the visa number, their passport and visa fee to have the visa stamped in their passport. A visit visa is valid up to 3 months.

Business Visa

Business visas in Saudi are issued to: senior managers or directors of companies who are travelling for the only purpose of visiting the country on a business basis.

Business visitors to Saudi Arabia are required to have a valid sponsor in the country, from an acknowledged Saudi Arabian business, who will provide their Letter of Invitation.

Commercial Visit Visa

Commercial visas can be multiple or single entry and can be applied for 30, 60, 90 and 180 days. They are issued to senior managers or directors of companies. The Saudi commercial visa is only valid for visits such as negotiations, investment talks, presentations or other reasons for business meetings. Commercial visitors are not allowed to work on any project that is paid work.

Work Visa

The Saudi work visa, which is also known as an Iqama is only for an individual who intends to work in Saudi Arabia. The employment contract, academic or professional documents and the results of a medical examination needs to be presented to the Saudi embassy or consulate in the applicant’s home country or to the authorities in Saudi Arabia via their sponsor (which can be either a person or company). Then a visa number can be granted along with the issue of the applicant’s visa.

Family Visit Visa

These are for the families of individuals who are working in Saudi Arabia and hold an Iqama. For an Iqama holder to obtain a family visit visa, they must have either a valid Saudi Iqama, an employment contract with a Saudi Arabia company or a foreign organization licensed to do business in Saudi Arabia.

Family Residence Visa

A Family Residence Visa allows an Iqama holder to sponsor their spouse and children (provided the children are below 18 years of age). Family visas can only be applied for if you have a valid Iqama along with an attested degree.


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