Saudi National Transformation Program

UPDATE (2019):

The National Transformation Program (NTP) was updated in 2018 to encompass the new Vision Realisation Programs (VRP). This initiative was born to narrow the focus and maximise the impact of the Vision 2030 plans. As the NTP is a shorter term part of the Vision 2030, the NTP was also amended to support this.

The NTP aims to:

  1. Achieve governmental operational excellence
  2. Improve economic enablers
  3. Enhance the standards of living

These goals will be achieved through accelerating the implementation of digital and primary infrastructure, and engaging stakeholders in identifying challenges and solutions.

For the full updated NTP plan, click here.

The Saudi National Transformation Program is a key part in achieving Vision 2030, here are some highlights of the Program.

The projected cost of the National Transformation Program totals SAR 270M or $71M.

It has 543 different initiatives to the program, improving the public finances, investment, jobs, privatization and exports.

Non-oil revenue is targeted to rise to SAR 530BN by 2020 from SAR 163BN. Public sector salaries will fall to SAR 456BN from SAR 480BN, and make up 40% of total spending versus 45%.

Mining sector’s contribution to economic output to reach SAR 97BN from SAR 64BN.

The initiatives included in the plan will create 450,000 jobs by 2020.

Plan to improve Saudi Arabia’s global ranking in terms of ease of doing business to No. 20 from No. 82 in the World Bank Index of Ease of Doing Business.

The plan budgets SAR 300M over five years to create a Centre of Excellence to support the privatization of state owned companies. The minister of environment, water and agriculture, Abdurrahman Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadli, said the government plans to privatise the Saline Water Conversion Corporation.

The initiative for reforming and restructuring of primary health care is estimated to cost SAR 4.7BN.

Private sector contribution to health care spending to increase to 35% from 25%.

70% of Saudi citizens to have a unified digital medical record.

Water and electricity subsidies are to be cut by SAR 200BN; the tariffs charged on water would cover 100% of actual costs, compared to the current 30%.

Percentage of new jobs in the civil service to drop to 1% from 5%.

The private sector will fund about 40% of the initiatives included in the plan.

Real estate contribution to economic output to double to 10%, with 7% annual growth.

Reduce average time required to approve new residential projects to 60 days from 730 days.

All land holdings to be surveyed, compared with only 6% currently.

Read the full National Transformation Program here.

Saudi National Transformation Program