Smarter Solution for Simple Tasks

At Proven, we understand that tasks which might seem fairly simple may be the one taking most of an enterprise’s resources and time. Tasks such as payroll management may look menial but they are crucial and unavoidable. That is why we provide a smarter solution that ensures your payroll preparation, administration, and management process are taken care of without diverting you from your core focus. We offer complete payroll outsourcing services in Saudi Arabia.

We have a team of highly qualified and experienced payroll experts who can take care of all the payroll related activities for your team. We help you efficiently manage the payroll with all the formalities properly taken care of. They can create custom solutions to make sure you get the best value for choosing us.

Complete Payroll Administration

Payroll services offered by Proven covers all the main activities related to administration and management. We deploy a member from our team of payroll professionals to work with you to make sure you get customized service according to what you need. Our services are flexible and tailor made according to the preferences, systems and methods of workings of our clients.

We keep the process smooth and simple while ensuring your confidence at every level. It all starts with a comprehensive consultation session where we sit with our clients and discuss how we are planning to progress with our payroll solution.

It is our priority to make sure that the pay is issued timely and secure the formalities for each payday, so that our clients fulfill their obligation towards their employees and Saudi Arabian Labor Law.

Our services will cover:

  • Payroll processing
  • Salary, Social Insurance GOSI Calculations
  • Employee Benefits, Incentives and deductions
  • Salary transfers and Pay cheques
  • Wage Protection System (WPS)
  • Pay slips
  • Holiday Entitlements
  • Country rules and regulations
  • Compliance and HR Issues

The Best Professionals at Work

One of the major benefits of outsourcing your payroll activities to Proven is that you can utilize higher level resources, which otherwise you might not be able to afford as full time employees. We hire professionals whose expertise are backed with proper qualifications and experience in this area.

Moreover, you will save the money you would otherwise be required to invest on proper technology and software used for efficient management of payroll.

Discover the Real Advantages of Outsourcing Payroll Services to Our Experts. Contact Us!